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Captain James Bell Stephenson was born in the wilds of Florida in 1820.  His father fought the Indians and pulled up stakes to follow other family members to a new territory that had just opened up for colonization... Tejas.

The Stephenson family arrived in Stephen F. Austin's colony in 1826 and were granted a league of land mostly in Austin County and part in Washington County along Caney Creek.  James Stephenson, his father, sold property to a young attorney by the name of William Barrett Travis.

At age 16, young James Bell Stephenson followed after his father and older brother Thomas Bell to defend Texas against the Mexican army under Santa Anna at San Jacinto.  He went on to fight for the Republic of Texas in several more later conflicts with Mexico.  He also was one of the earliest Texas Rangers, fighting the Comanches and chasing them out of Texas. 

James Bell Stephenson was elected captain of the Grimes County Greys during the civil war, and along with his brother-in-law William Maxwell, was appointed in 1873 to carve out a new county in Texas, Waller County.  Both served as the first commissioners of Waller County and were instrumental in getting the first bridge across the Brazos River. 

Captain Stephenson died at his home in Grimes County on September 28, 1905.  He lived to see Texas grow from a sparsely populated wilderness to a time when there were automobiles, electricity, telephones and a marvelous flying invention called the aeroplane.


My Father Arthur James Smith II as a young toddler with his father AJ Smith I.  Through his mother Lillie Hoffman Smith, daughter of Emma Stephenson Hoffman, AJ Smith II was a great-grandson of Captain James Bell Stephenson.



AUSTIN: Samuel Augusta Austin (b. NH 1815> GA> FL> TX) Came from Springfield, Massachusetts, married Hannah Jane Dowling in Thomasville, Georgia in 1850 while working as a brick mason on the Thomas County courthouse.  > Lettie Austin b.1855 Thomas Co GA + Jacob Allen Barrett >James Barrett b. TX > Maud B. Cloyd> Sibyl Cloyd Smith > Betty Smith Meischen

BALL: Lord Mayor William Ball 1450 Barkham Manor Berkshire England> Robert b. 1475> William b. 1505> John b. 1525> John b. 1548 Workingham Berkshire England> William b. 1573 Wiltshire England> William b. 1615 Barkham Manor England-died 1680 Lancaster VA> Richard b. 1639 Lancaster VA> (??)Edward B. 1670 Middlesex VA > Valentine Ball 1706 Middlesex VA married Susannah Lewis, daughter of John Lewis and (?) Elizabeth McGrath > Mary Ball + John Hargrove> Lindsay Hartgrove + Elizabeth Moore > Ann Hartgrove + Robert L. Wilson >Loucinda Wilson + Daniel R. Munn> Elizabeth Munn b. Travis Co. Texas + Fred Smith of England > Arthur James Smith > Arthur James Smith> Betty Smith Meischen (This Ball line traces back to 1500's England and is the same line as President George Washington)

Alternate Ball lineage and more agreed upon by authorities who have thoroughly researched this line: William Ball England to Lancaster VA > Henry Ball + Alice Brooks Middlesex Co. VA> Valentine Ball + Susannah Lewis marriage Middlesex Co VA Christ Church Parish 1733> Mary Ball + John W. Hargrove>Lindsey Hargrove> Ann Hargrove + Robert Wilson> Loucinda Wilson b. 1843 Itawamba MS + Daniel R. Munn married Monroe Co. MS. 1859> Sarah (Serena) Elizabeth Munn on 1880 Texas Census of Travis Co. + Fred Smith>AJ Smith I, >AJS II> Betty

BARRETT: Virginia or Ireland>> Jacob Allen Barrett (b.GA 1849> TX) some say he was a twin, >James Samuel Barrett + Martha Duke > Maud Barrett + Raymond Cloyd> Sibyl Cloyd> Betty

 Was this the same line as from which William Barrett Travis descended? Family history points in that direction. If so, does it go back to the Barretts of the Jamestown colony in Virginia?

BELL: James Mathew Bell (b. NC 1790-96> GA> FL> TX 1822) + Margaret Grimes Ray married 1832 in Washington Co. Texas > Rebecca Bell b TX 1833 + Newitt Cloyd >Perry Cloyd + Zillah Young> Raymond Cloyd + Maud Barrett > SibylCloyd + AJ SMith > Betty

There are too many clues and too many Bells to be conclusive but most probably they descend from one of the early Virginia Bell families prior to the American Revolution. There are two very close lines that have all the same associated families. One Bell line (the Stone Church Bells) arises in Augusta Co. VA and the other is from the Blackwater River area of VA, Surry, Sussex, Nansemond Counties--the John Bell--Anne Bennett family.

Amelia Bell (b, 1796 NC) + James Stephenson > James Bell Stephenson b. 1820 FL + Melissa Maxwell >Emma Stephenson + William Hoffman b. TX>Lillie Hoffman Smith> AJ Smith> Betty

Mary Bell + John Slade itinerant Methodist minister of early Florida > John G. Bell of Hamilton Co Florida, adopted son of Thomas Bell, brother of James Bell of Bellville, Texas.  Was Mary the sister of James and Thomas Bell?

BOUTWELL: (MASS>VA>NC>SC1711) James Boutwell b 1616/17 d 26 Sep 1651 + Hannah Davis?or Alice Lawson b Abt 1621d: 1687> James Boutwell + Rebecca Kendall b: 10 Feb 1644 d30 Aug 1713> James Boutwell + Elizabeth Frothingham> Samuel Boutwell b19 Mar 1703 + Anna Margareitta Spruill >Burtonhead Boutwell + Elizabeth Commander b: Abt 1739> Mary BOUTWELL+ JAMES R.S.DOWLING d: Abt 1797> Willis Dowling + Nancy Cook or William Dowling > Hannah Jane Dowling b.FL + Samuel Austin Thomas Co. on Ga. 1850 Census> Lettie Austin> Jim Barrett> Maud Barrett> Sibyl Cloyd> Betty

This is a proposed lineage of Hannah Jane Dowling who married Samuel Augusta Austin. If proven correct, this line traces back to the signers of the Magna Carta.

BRADSHAW: George Bradshaw b. 1587 London, England > Robert b. 1622 London d. 1666 Northumberland Co. VA> Anne Bradshaw b. 1660 VA + William Lambert> Hugh> Anne Lambert 1699 N Farnham Parish Richmond Va + Robert Hammock b. 1697 Westmoreland Co VA>>John b. 1764 d. 1843 Talbot Co Ga > Hope Hull Hammock 1806 Wilkes? GA> Francis Hammock+ Samuel L. Duke> Martha Duke + Jim Barrett> Maud>Sibyl> Betty   There could be a French Hugenot connection here. Another name considered was Brashear and this line was followed in Virginia: The Cradle of America.

BROOKS: Jonathan Brooks B. 1661 Middlesex VA d. Middlesex Va 1686/87+ Sarah Mayo> Alice Brooks Middlesex Co VA+ Henry Ball> Valentine Ball> Mary Ball+ John W. Hargrove> Lindsey Hargrove >Ann Hargrove + Robert L. Wilson > Lucinda W. Munn >Betty Munn Smith> AJSmith> AJSmith II> Betty

BUTCHER: Mary Butcher + Robert Middleton> Christian Middleton +Wm Hammock m. 1693 Richmond VA> Robert Hammock> John Hammock + Milenor Jackson ( drew in the Gerogia lottery as widow of a VETERAN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION)> Hope Hull Hammock> Francis Hammock Duke> Martha Duke Barrett> Maud Barrett Cloyd > Sibyl Cloyd Smith> Betty Smith Meischen

CLOYD: > Londonderry, County Antrim, Ireland> PA ?> VA? >TN?>GA?> Newitt Cloyd/Cloud (b. Clarke Co AL 1821>AL1821>TX), >Perry Cloyd + Zillah Young> Raymond Cloyd > Sibyl Cloyd Smith > Betty.

Main clue: Noah Doddridge, his grandfather, sold land to Joshua Cloud in Hancock GA--Newitt’s son named Joshua) Suspect lineage through James Cloyd. If this lineage is correct, the Cloyds may have participated in the Siege of Londonderry in the 1600's. They were protestant and may have had the name MacLeod in Scotland.  Very possibly these were the same family of Cloyds who lived in County Antrim in Ireland with the Houstons, Youngs, Wilsons and Crocketts that came to America with them in the early to mid 1700's settling in Augusta Co. VA.

There is an early Joshua Cloyd/Cloud who received a grant of land near the Bells along the Blackwater River and this is discussed as a good possibility also in my book Virginia: the Cradle of America.

DODDRIDGE: (DODRILL, DOEDRIL, DODRELL, DODRIDGE, DAUGHDRIDGE, DANDRIDGE, DOTY, DAUGHTRY, DAUGHTERY, DOUGHTRY) Noah Doddridge/Dodrill (MD1760-70>VA>NC> Hancock, Baldwin Co. GA 1790> Clarke Co AL 1821 married Constantine> Elizabeth Cloyd> Newitt Cloyd b. 1821 Clarke Co. AL in TX 1850 >Perry >Raymond >Sibyl> Betty. Doddridge is in Georgia and closely associated with the Cato (uncle of Rosanna Cato Travis, wife of William Barret Travis), Adams and Brewer families both in Georgia and in Alabama. He is also found in Virginia in 1787 in Charlotte Co. before he goes to Georgia.

DOWLING: Frampton (Hampton?) Dowling Immigrated from Tyrone Ireland 1643 to VA (SC1823>GA?FL>TX),
Robert> Robert> James> Willis or William Dowling???> Hannah Dowling + Samuel Austin> Lettie Austin Barrett> James Barrett> Maud> Sibyl> Betty

According to historical documents and the DAR, both James and his brother John Dowling, as well as their father Robert, rode with Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox during the American Revolution. Francis Marion was the character after whom the movie THE PATRIOT was modeled. I have a theory that Frampton may have been a mis-reading of Hampton as this name appears several times in later lineages.

DUKE: This family traces back to England in the early 1600's. If correct in the assumptions, this is the same roots from which the Duke tobacco family descended and the family of Duke University. In early 1600's Virginia, it is believed to be from the line of Col Henry Duke branch 1655 James City Co. VA> Capt Henry Duke> through John Taylor Duke d. 1785 Washington Co. GA son Robert was living in Kershaw Co SC 1784 ???> Samuel Duke b. 1799 SC or GA > Samuel L. Duke b. Taylor Co. GA buried in Buckhorn, Austin Co. Texas, married Francis Hammock> Martha Duke Barrett> Maud Barrett Cloyd> Sibyl Cloyd Smith> Betty. (Another Clue: Supposedly John Taylor Duke had a son Adam Duke who married Elizabeth Ragland. They had a son Samuel in SC. After his death, Elizabeth married Jacob Curry and the Currys later married into the Barretts in Texas)

GARDNER : Martin Gardner> Martin?>John Gardner b.1755 Sussex Co VA (Bertie Co NC> Stewart Co. TN) >(marriage to Elizabeth James 1780 in Bertie Co.)> Eurydice Grimes> Margaret Grimes Bell & Nancy Grimes Granville> Rebecca Bell Cloyd & Abigail Granville Young> Perry Cloyd & Margaret Z. Young>Raymond Cloyd> Sibyl> Betty This Gardner family was prominant in early Virginia.

GRANVILLE: Benjamin Granville b. 1789 Suffolk & Middlesex, London, England immigrated 1827 to America landing in New York. He made his way to Ann Arbor Michigan before coming to TX in 1834. He married Nancy Grimes Benton, widow of Charles Benton who had received an original Spanish land grant in Austin County Texas. Granville was the first postmaster of Bellville and also served as Justice of the Peace. > Abigail Granville married Hiram Miles Young> Margaret Zillah Young + Perry Cloyd >Raymond Cloyd > Sibyl Smith >Betty .(Ship’s list him immigrating into NY harbor with 4 children) All leads on Granville/Grenville go back to Devon England. The connection if proven could possibly lead back to the line of Sir Richard Grenville who along with Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Frances Drake ran schooners to America.

GREER:  This line may lead back to Alphin King of Scotland d. 834>>>Prince Henry of Scotland, brother of King William the Lion> Marjory + William Lindsay, 1st Lord Crawford> daughter +William, Laird of MacGregor d. 1238> Gregor IV laird of MacGregor >Malcom I Laird of MacGregor> Gilbert Gregorson married Janet dau of Sir Simon Glendoning> Vedast Grierson> Roger Grierson + Lady Isabel> Roger Grierson II +Janet granddaughter of Sir David Scott> Sir John Grierson +Egidia d/o Sir John Kennedy >Roger Grierson III + Helena d/o James Douglas 7th Lord Drumlanrig & Christian d/o John Montgomerie, Master of Eglinton . Sir William Grierson + Nicole d/o Sir John Maxwell 4th Lord of Herries> Sir James Greer b. 1600 Scotland & Northumberland > John Greer b. 1652 Scotland > George Greer b. 1684 Antrim Ire> John Greer b. 1723 Antrim Ireland m. Rose Hamilton> John Greer 1762-1836 Laurens Co. SC ??> Jane Greer of Duncan's Creek SC d/o John or Joseph m. John McCrary b. 1735> Children of both of their sons Bartley & Isaac married > William McCrary + Mary McCrary> Martha McCrary> Francis Hammock> Martha Duke> Maud Barrett> Sibyl Smith>Betty   John Greer and his brothers were soldiers of the American Revolution.

GRIMES (GREIM, GRIM, CRIM, GRAYHAM): Valentine Greim immigrated from Palatinate (Mannheim area )Germany 1740 to Chester Co PA> Adam> Jacob in Rowan Co NC 1787 d. Robertson Co. TN married Catherine Miller d/o Frederick Miller, a rich plantation owner in Rowan Co. NC> George Grimes b. 1781 Rowan Co. NC + Eurydice Gardner d/o John Gardner and Elizabeth James> TN, lived Sumner, Stewart TN before coming to Austin County TX in 1827)> Margaret Grimes married James Bell, Abigail Grimes married his brother Thomas Bell & Nancy Grimes Benton married Benjamin Granville>>>>Betty

HAMMOCK (HAMMACK): William "O" Hammock b. 1623 England, d. ca. 1700 Richmond Co. VA, immigrant early 1600's VA>>??>Robert b. 1697 Westmoreland Co VA>>John b. 1764 d. 1843 Talbot Co Ga >Hope Hull Hammock 1806 Wilkes? GA owned a cotton gin during the Civil War south of Atlanta Georgia > Francis Hammock + Samuel L. Duke Talbot Co. GA> Martha Duke + Jim Barrett> Maud> Sibyl> Betty    Robert Hammock was a Revolutionary War soldier.

HARGROVE (HARDGROVE, HARTGROVE, HARGRAVE): Thomas Hargrove London England 1550 possible ancestor> Richard Hargrave 1614 family in Princess Ann Va 1644>??>John W. Hargrove Pulaski Co Kentucky married Mary Ball  According to info received the Hargroves lived across the river from the Balls. > Lindsey> Ann Hartgrove/ Hargrove/Hargrave Wilson, Lawrence AL 1825 >Loucinda Wilson Munn b.1843 MS>Elizabeth Munn>Arthur Smith>Arthur>Betty   The Hargrove family lived near the Ball family in Amherst Co. VA.

HOFFMAN: Balthazar Hoffman born in Baden, Germany was in Texas ca. 1840> William Hoffman Tx + Emma Stephenson, d/o James Bell Stephenson > Lillie Hoffman Smith> Arthur J. Smith> Betty.   Balthazar is buried on the tract of land that once belonged to William Barrett Travis. He purchased this property and continued to farm it. It was here that my grandmother Lillie Hoffman Smith was born. Emma Stephenson's grandfather James Stephenson had received a league of land on nearby Caney Creek in 1831 where he knew Travis and had done some trading with him. They both belonged to the fledgling Methodist congregation there.

JACKSON: William Jackson (b. abt 1650 England d. 16 Jan 1710 Surry Co. VA.)>John Ellis Jackson (b. 1680 Albermarle Parish VA. d. 12 Oct 1770 Sussex VA + Mary Ward)> Edward Jackson (b. abt 1715 Surry Co. Va d. 1789 Nottoway Co. VA. (deed 1770 Amelia Co VA to daughter Milenor Ann Jackson and Robert Hammock Milenor Hammock Wilkes Co Ga 1828),>John Hammock (d. Talbot Co. Ga 1843)> Hope Hull Hammock, Talbot Ga> Francis H. Duke> Martha Duke> Maud Barrett>Sibyl Cloyd> Betty   Edward Jackson was a PATRIOT soldier of the American Revolution

JAMES: Immanuel James> Emanuel James Sr, York Va b.1714. d. 1783 Sussex Co Va>Elizabeth James m. 1780 Bertie Co NC + John Gardner> Eurydice Gardner Grimes>Margaret G. Bell and Nancy G. Granville>Rebecca Bell & Abigail Granville Young>Perry Cloyd & Margaret Z Young> Raymond> Sibyl Cloyd Smith >Betty. Elizabeth James' brothers were PATRIOTS of the American Revolution.

KENDALL: JOHN KENDALL b: 1421 England d: 1501 >Henry Kendall b: 1441 d: 1520> Francis K. b Abt 1480 d Abt 1561 > 4 James K. b Abt 1504 d Abt 1578 + Elizabeth Miles b Abt 1508 d Abt 1578> William K. b: 1527 d: 1601 + Sarah Brayneca b: Abt 1528> John K. b: Abt 1548 d: 1628 + Mary Miles b: Abt 1553> John K. b: Abt 1580 in Norfolk, Norfolk, England d: 21 Mar 1660 + Elizabeth Sacherell b: Abt 1584> Thomas K b: 1617 d: 22 Jul 1681 Cambridge England Death: 22 Jul 1681 in Reading, Middlesex Co. MASS. + Rebecca Paine b: 17 Jul 1618 d: 17 Jul 1703 in Lynn, MA, Marriage 1639 in Lynn, MA > Rebecca K b: 10 Feb 1644 d: 30 Aug 1713 + James Boutwell> James Boutwell + Elizabeth Frothingham> Samuel B b: 19 Mar 1703 + Anna Margareitta Spruill> Burtonhead Boutwell> Willis or William Dowling???> Hannah Dowling>Lettie Austin>Jim Barrett> Maud Barrett> Sibyl> Betty

KING: John & Mary King> Ephriam King> Mary King b 1772 +Isaac McCrary Duncan‘s Creek Laurens Co SC >Mary McCrary >Martha McCrary + Hope Hull Hammock GA> Francis Hammock Duke>Martha Duke>Maud Barrett>Sibyl>Betty

The McCrarys came from Ireland. I found the King family associated with my other lines in Bertie Co. NC and also in Virginia.  The Kings married into my family in Bellville.


Above is a picture of my gr-gr-grandmother Margaret Grimes Ray Bell.  She was the wife of James Bell, co-founder of Bellville, Austin County, Texas.  James Bell received an original land grant in what is now Waller and Grimes County but was then Austin County in 1832.  The 7777 acre Bell plantation ajoined that of Jared Groce, called the "Father of Cotton in Texas."  Nearby also was the plantation of James Bell Stephenson.

Margaret Grimes and James Bell's daughter Rebecca, who was born in 1833, married Newitt Cloyd, sheriff of Austin County in 1864-65 during the Civil War.  My mother Sibyl Cloyd Smith was his great granddaughter.


Family Names Continued:

LAMBERT: John Lambert b. 1620 Clefts MD>John Lambert 1641 Clefts MD> William Lambert >Hugh Lambert B. 1692 N.Farnham Richmond Co, VA d. Brunswick VA> Anne Lambert b. 1698 North Farnham Parish Richmond Co VA + Robert Hammock> Robert S Hammock>John Hammock >Hope Hull Hammock >Francis Hammock Duke> Martha Barrett> Maud> Sibyl> Betty

LEWIS: Col Richard Lewis 1609 Wales England-d. 1684 Middlesex Co VA>John Lewis 1637 Middlesex Co VA. Captain John Lewis 1659 New Kent Va> John Lewis 1685 New Kent VA> Susannah Lewis b. 1717 Christ Church Parish Middlesex VA+ Valentine Ball> Mary Ball Hargrove b. 1749 Henrico Co VA> Lindsey Hartgrove >Ann Hartgrove Wilson> Loucinda Wilson >Elizabeth Munn Smith>Arthur James Smith I >AJ Smith II >Betty

Could this Lewis family which is closely associated with the Warner Hall Lewis family whose descendant was George Washington, first president of the United States of America and Queen Elizabeth, be the same set of Lewises?  George Washington also descends from the Balls.

MAXWELL: Thomas Maxwell b. 1784 VA d. 1851 Grimes Co. Tx,> Melissa Jane Maxwell + James Bell Stephenson
> Emma Stephenson Hoffman> Lillie Hoffman Smith> AJ Smith >Betty. Two possible lines here: one from Thomas Maxwell Chester Co. PA or Thomas Maxwell Middlesex VA.  There was an early Maxwell line associated with the Christ Church parish Middlesex VA from which other family lines arise.

Sir John Maxwell, 4th Lord Herries> Nicole Maxwell + Sir William Grierson>>>>John Greer>? Jane Greer McCrary> Bartley & Isaac> William & Mary>Martha Hammock> Francis Duke>Martha Barrett> Maud>Sibyl> Betty (The Greer-Maxwell lineage connection is suspected but remains unproven.)

MAYO: William Mayo b. 1630 England + Isabel Hardy> James Mayo b. 1650 Isle of Wight VA + Mary Valentine b. 1645> Sarah Mayo +Jonathan Brookes> Alice Brooks + Henry Ball> Valentine Ball + Susannah Lewis >Mary Ball + John W. Hargrove>Lindsay Hargrove>Ann Hargrove Wilson>Loucinda Wilson Munn>Betty Munn Smith> AJI> AJII> Betty

MCCRARY: James McCrary of Antrim Ireland may be the original McCrary who came first to PA then to Augusta Co VA. . John McCrary of Duncan’s Creek, Laurens Co. SC 1735 SC-5 Jan 1814 Baldwin GA married Jane Greer~1740 96th District SC~1808 prob Warren GA in ~1758> Bartley & Isaac McCrary> William & Mary McCrary> Martha McCrary + Hope Hull Hammock> Francis Hammock Duke> Martha Duke Barrett> Maud Barrett Cloyd> Sibyl Cloyd Smith> Betty Ancestor Bartley McCrary was a soldier PATRIOT of the American Revolution.

MIDDLETON: Christian Middleton + William Hammock m. bef 1693 Richmond Co. VA> Robert Hammock> John Hammock> Hope Hull Hammock> Francis Hammock Duke > Martha Duke >Maud Barrett>Sibyl >Betty

MILLER: Frederick Miller Germany >>> Frederick Miller of Rowan County NC 1789> Catherine Miller +Jacob Grimes> George Grimes> Margaret & Nancy> Rebecca Bell Cloyd & Abigail Granville Young>Perry Cloyd + Margaret Zilla Young> Raymond Cloyd> Sibyl> Betty (Line probably was in Chester Co. Pa first passing through VA to NC)

MOORE: Benton Moore VA> Arthur Moore b. 1821 Franklin Co TN + Elizabeth Stanley> Elizabeth Moore + Linsey Hartgrove>Ann Hartgrove Wilson>Loucinda Wilson Munn>Elizabeth Munn Smith>Arthur James Smith I>AJ Smith II>Betty 

Leads tell me that the ancestor here is Richard Moore and Epaphroditus Benton again originating in Virginia. Strong leads in Bertie Co. NC.

MORGAN: William Morgan d.1726 N. Farnham Parish Richmond Co. VA> Anne Morgan b. about 1700 + Hugh Lambert> Anne Lambert Hammock> John Hammock> Hope Hull Hammock >Francis H. Duke> Martha Duke Barrett> Maud B. Cloyd> Sibyl C. Smith> Betty

MUNN: Daniel R. Munn b. Scotland??? f/o Daniel R. Munn b. 1837 NC + Loucinda Wilson m. 1859 Monroe Co MS> Elizabeth Munn b.Travis Co. TX + Fred Smith in Dallas Tx> Arthur James Smith, AJ Smith II> Betty

NEVILLE: John Neville b. 1612 England d. 1664 Port Charles MD m. 1638 St. Mary’s Co VA> Eleanor Neville b. 1642 Clefts Calvert MD + John Lambert married 1665 Clefts MD> William Lambert> Hugh Lambert> Anne Lambert + Robert Hammock >John H.> Hope Hull H.> Francis H Duke> Martha Duke Barrett> Maud B. Cloyd> Sibyl C. Smith> Betty

PARRISH: William Parrish> Lucy Parrish + Edward Jackson b. 1715 Surrey Co. VA> Milenor Jackson +Robert Hammock> John H>Hope Hull H.>Francis Hammock +Samuel L. Duke> Martha Duke Barrett> MaudB. Cloyd > Sibyl> Betty

PAINE: ANTHONY PAINE b:1585 England Death: 6 May 1649 + ALICE POTTER> Rebecca Paine + Thomas Kendall> Rebecca Kendall +James Boutwell> James Boutwell + Elizabeth Frothingham> Samuel Boutwell + Anna Margareitta Spruill> Burtonhead Boutwell > Mary Boutwell +  James Dowling> William or Willis Dowling??>Hannah Dowling + Samuel Austin> Lettie A. Barrett> Maud B. Cloyd> Sibyl>Betty

SACHERELL: HENRY SACHERELL b: Abt 1554 England> ELIZABETH SACHERELL b: Abt 1584 in CAMBRIDGE, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND,>Thomas Kendall> Rebecca Kendall + James >James Boutwell> Samuel Boutwell> Lionel Delaney Boutwell> Mary Boutwell +James Dowling> Willis, William??>Hannah Dowling + Samuel Austin> Lettie Austin Barrett> Jim Barrett> Maud Barrett Cloyd> Sibyl> Betty (This is the same line as the ancestors of George Washington, President)

SMITH: Thomas Smith b England> Charles Smith b. 1808 Lawshall, Suffolk, England> Fred Smith immigrated to Texas in 1881> Arthur James Smith> AJ Smith II> Betty

SPRUILL: Dr. Godfrey Spruill 1719 Will Chowan Co NC.  Doctor Spruill one of the first doctors in the colonies; huge history family dates back to 1200‘s in Scotland where Walter Sprewel witnessed a document signed by Robert the Bruce, king of Scotland associated with William Wallace, Braveheart> Anna Mararitta Spruill + Samuel Boutwell> Burtonhead Boutwell> Lionel Delaney Boutwell + Mary Elizabeth Brack> Mary Boutwell + James Dowling >?>Hannah Jane Dowling + Samuel Augusta Austin> Lettie Austin >James Barrett + Martha Duke> Maud Barrett Cloyd> Sibyl> Betty. The Spruills were located heavily in Chowan & Bertie Counties NC.

STANLEY: Elizabeth Stanley + Arthur Moore d. 1821 TN> Elizabeth Moore + Lindsey Hargrove> Ann Hargrove + Robert L. Wilson>Loucinda Wilson Munn> Elizabeth Munn Smith> Arthur> AJ> Betty
Also a connection to Stanley through marriage of Benjamin Granville’s daughter, Also, Ann Gardner married Jonathan Stanley in Bertie Co NC. Ann was possibly the aunt of my John Gardner.

STEPHENSON (STEVENSON): James Stephenson b. 1787 NC d. 1853 Grimes Co TX left FL/GA in 1826 for TX, son Thomas born GA/FL 1819) >James Bell Stephenson b. GA/FL 1820 +Melissa Jane Maxwell> Emma Stephenson Hoffman> Lillie> AJ Smith> Betty. Best lead is that these Stephensons originated in Belfast Ireland and came to two locations: one through Philadelphia> Chester Co PA then down into Augusta Co. VA. The other line came directly to Charleston and to the area around Spartansburg SC (King’s Mountain). There is a Young-Stephenson connection there that strongly indicates a relationship and these are connected to my McCrary/Greer line.
WARD: John Ward f/o Mary Ward b. 1685 VA d. 1746 Surry VA +John Ellis Jackson> Edward Jackson> Milly Jackson Hammock >Hope Hull Hammock> Francis Hammock +Samuel L. Duke> Martha Duke> Maud Barrett> Sibyl Cloyd> Betty Smith Meischen

WILSON: Robert Wilson immigrant ancestor from Ireland ca 1750>Augusta Co VA>NC>TN > Robert L. Wilson b. 1796 Blount Co. TN + Ann Hartgrove lived in Lawrence Co AL in 1825> Loucinda Wilson b. 1843 Itawamba Co MS + Daniel R. Munn m. 1859 Monroe Co. MS>Elizabeth Munn Smith> AJ> AJ> Betty. The Wilsons were strongly connected to the Houstons of General Sam Houston lineage.  Mathew Houston, unlce of Gen Sam built a fort on the Wilson property in Tennessee.  These Houstons married into the Cloyds. 

WILLIAMSON: William Thomas Williamson> Clarkia Williamson b. 1790 VA? + Thomas Maxwell> Melissa Jane Maxwell + James Bell Stephenson> Emma Stephenson Hoffman>Lillie>AJ>AJ>Betty. This leads strongly back to the Middlesex Co. Christ Church Parish VA late 1600’s.

YOUNG: Hiram Miles Young b. 1828-30 SC (Strong connections to Laurens County descendants marry another Young from Laurens County brother Mathew born AL 1840 )>TX + Abigail Granville> Margaret Zillah Young> Raymond Cloyd >Sibyl Smith> Betty  There are Young McCrary connections in South Carolina.  Feel strongly that this whole group were connected to the war effort around King's Mountain.

VALENTINE: James Valentine b. 1610 England immigrated to Isle of Wight VA abt 1635 > Mary Valentine b.1852 + James Mayo> Sarah Mayo Brooks> Alice Brooks Ball> Valentine Ball> Mary Ball Hargrove> Lindsey Hargrove> Ann Hargrove Wilson> Loucinda Wilson Munn >Betty Munn Smith> AJ> AJ> Betty